Quotech’s Big Story.

An insurTech with a big difference.

Since Cuthbert Heath scoured the British Library for geological maps and records to inform his famous earthquake rating book, data has been key to the insurance process.

Technology allows more data to be used in every part of the insurance value chain, and to capture, sift, and make sense of the tidal wave of numbers produced by almost every action, human and natural.

Many insurance technology companies have developed systems that parse, label, collate, and store data, but on its own that doesn’t help anyone to do their job more efficiently. Systems are most helpful when they simplify the complexity of data to make it more easily useful within underwriting, broking, accounting, compliance, and other processes.

Quotech’s takes

insurance technology to the next level.

Because founder Guillaume Bonnissent is an experienced London underwriter as well as a programmer, Quotech is able to make data-fuelled processes dramatically more efficient for commercial underwriters and brokers. Because Quotech understands commercial re/insurance processes first hand, we are able to create truly useful insurance technology applications. Because Quotech knows the business from the front line, we know how to make platforms that make life easier for underwriters and brokers.

Quotech makes

systems that improve efficiency.

Quotech systems ingest data from multiple sources, pull out what’s helpful, store it in a unique Corporate Data Treasury to provide a single source of truth, then make it easily accessible to underwriters, brokers, and others who need. This is achieved through intuitive, practical applications, custom-built for each client, which work end-to-end, from data entry to documentation.

Quotech strips out

the complexity of data and systems.

Quotech portals not only deliver data, but incorporate it into embedded tools that support pricing, distribution, administration, claims, and trading. The complexity of data is consigned to the Treasury; the portals provide only a window on the relevant data. This removes complexity for the user by presenting each with only the bits they care about. From each window, data can be saved, amended, and interrogated almost effortlessly. Relevant standards (such as Lloyd’s risk codes) are adopted throughout, and relevant ancillary functions (such as individuals’ authorities) may be built in, too.

Quotech systems


In a market, data must be shared. Quotech understands the workflows which demand data sharing, and designs systems with this sharing in mind. These systems can be used as stand alone platforms, or enhanced to link with others through APIs, whether internally, or with business partners, markets, or distributors.

  • Every Quotech installation is unique.
  • Every platform is designed to enhance and streamline workflows.
  • Every Quotech customer is satisfied.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…